Our Vision

Momentwish is emblematic of elegance, having committed to providing diverse choices for its consumers when choosing commemorative gifts, and to witnessing their special moments since its debut.

100% Handcrafted Jewelry

We carefully check each moissanite to make sure it meets high standards of cut, clarity, carat and color.

About us

Momentwish is an affordable luxury jewelry brand inspired by the beauty of Moissanite stones, carrying the dream of presenting gorgeous and sparkling rings to women who pursue a tasteful life.

Our passion for using only sterling silver, k gold and other precious metals for production has ensured the excellent quality of our pieces. Together with dazzling Moissanite stones and the simple yet sophisticated design, Momentwish helps set off the wearer's elegant temperament.

Brand Story

Each love story has its special recipe, but for every woman, a wedding ring is a must-have ingredient for the promise of a lifetime.

However, wedding rings on the market are too expensive. Momentwish believes the worth of a wedding ring is not measured by its price, but by how it reflects one's own distinct personality, and how it directly speaks to one's soul.

Therefore, from delicate in design to affordable in price, we hope to reinvent the way to choose rings, introducing a series of inimitable wedding bands.

Our Beginning

We believe when marking a once-in-a-lifetime moment, people want to purchase the perfect ring at an affordable price. Having such a concept in mind, we hope to create enduring, exquisite, and precious rings, a sparking reminder of the moments in your epic love story.

Our Development

The firm standards that we abide by since our birth have made us one of the most trustworthy jewelry brands. Our products epitomize creativity, quality, and precision constantly updating the production procedures and maturing technical means, making our Moissanite creations shine like real diamonds.

Contact Information:

Service Tel: +86 13322817941
Service Email: support@momentwish.com